Thursday, August 27, 2015

Better Late Than Never? Sebastian's IKEA Play Kitchen Hack

Yes, this blog post is about 9 months too late. But instead of looking at it that way, let's think of it as early planning for Christmas 2015?

Last fall, I decided that I wanted to get Sebastian a play kitchen for Christmas. I didn't want a giant piece of plastic and I also didn't want to spend a million dollars on a wooden one from Pottery Barn. Lucky for me, my mom found this wooden IKEA one in the AS-IS section for $40 and I told her to snatch it up. 
It's not a fancy kitchen but it's the perfect size and base for a transformation. Who doesn't love a DIY project?! As soon as I had it, I went off to Pinterest for some inspiration.

Some of these kitchens are fancier than my real one!

Once I got an idea of what I wanted, I got down to business. First I took the kitchen apart and sanded everything down. The wooden pieces are covered in a clear lacquer and I wanted to paint it a bright white. I primed everything when I was done.

I chose a dark navy blue for the countertop and cubby holes. I purchased a small sample of it from Home Depot and it was more than enough. I used a small foam roller so the paint was evenly spread.

Once the blue was dry, I painted the rest of the kitchen with left over high gloss molding paint we had in the basement. The doors were spray painted with a matte metallic paint to give them a stainless steel look. I also changed the handles to these from IKEA: Varnhem Handle (6 inch)

To give the stove & microwave a more "real" feel, I added vinyl buttons and some knobs. I just used a silver sharpie to draw little dots on the stove knobs. The knobs are actually coat hooks from IKEA: Enudden Knob.

Sebastian's favorite part: press on lights in the microwave & oven. They are battery operated and stick on with adhesive.

My favorite part is the backsplash. I purchased a PVC decorative backsplash panel from Home Depot (Fasade in Brushed Aluminum) and attached it with some screws and glue.

And there you have it... Sebastian's hacked IKEA play kitchen!


  1. this is great...where did you get the press on lights??

    1. Thanks! They are also from IKEA but for some reason they aren't showing up on their website. I have still seen them in stores though!

  2. what size did you purchase the backsplash? I bought the exact same one and its too small. I've look online and they are all 18.5 x 24.5.