Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sebastian's 1st Birthday Party in Pictures

Well... it's done! We successfully threw Sebastian's 1st birthday party! I'm so happy and so exhausted. We have such amazing family and friends and in days like this, I can see how truly loved our baby is and how blessed we are. A huge, huge, huge thank you to all of them.

A few details:
We threw the party at a Little Gym so we would have room for the 15 children between the ages of 9 months to 10 years old to run around. The Little Gym was awesome - they helped us set up, ran all the activities, ordered the pizza, packed up our gifts, and cleaned up at the end. So helpful.

I made pretty much all of the decorations. I started with the large paper house on the counter with the party favors. I used a file from SVGCuts and cut it out using SCAL with my Cricut.

The party favors were a 5 pack of sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and a delicious, beautifully decorated cookie. I bought the chalk & bubbles at Dollar Tree and decorated them with a label I quickly designed on Word. The cookies were ordered through a friend :)

You can find information on how I made the chalkboard here: DIY Faux Chalkboard

Other things I made with SACL & my Cricut:
  • Happy Birthday Sebastian banner (font is "Minnie")
  • Sebastian throughout the months banner
  • Cake topper (paper house & balloons)
  • Balloon cupcake toppers
  • Centerpiece houses (balloons held inside with balloon weights)
  • Birthday boy crown, which he refused to wear, lol.
  • Photobooth props

My mom made all the Brazilian "docinhos" and they were a hit! My friend helped me roll over 300 of them in 2.5 hours one night. We had 4 flavors - traditional brigadeiro (chocolate), traditional beijinho (coconut), prestigo (chocolate with coconut middle) and moranguinho (strawberry).

I had quite the dilemma with Sebastian's cake... I originally wanted something like this:
But when I was told the price for a cake like that for 40 people, I was horrified. $160?! Hell to the no. Delicious half sheet cake from Costco for $17? Hell to the yes. I custom ordered the cake to be completely plain chocolate and decorated it myself. Not too shabby if you ask me.

And there you have it. About 2 months of preparation to be enjoyed in 2 hours, lol. I think the birthday boy had a blast :)


  1. Looks great!!! we're having Sara's bday party today and as excited as I am, I also can't wait for it to be over. We spent hours getting all the desserts ready last night- thank god for family and friends!

  2. Everything looks amazing!!