Friday, February 28, 2014

DIY Birthday "Faux" Chalkboard

This is the 2nd time I'm posting this b/c Blogger let me publish and then it disappeared. AUGH.
These types of "stat" boards have been appearing all over Pinterest and Etsy so of course I wanted to jump on the bandwagon and have one for Sebastian's birthday. But do you think I'm going to pay $20+ JUST FOR THE FILE?! Hell to the no. I'm cheap.

So I made one myself, of course.

Here's how I did it.

  • black foamboard (I got mine at Joann's with a 50% off coupon for a whopping $2)
  • gel/metallic markers/colored pencils/crayons (I used Crayolas because I'm a crayon brand snob)
  • a dull pencil
  • tape
  • a computer with Powerpoint or Word or Photoshop
  • printer
  • tape
  • scissors or paper trimmer
First I went on DaFont and downloaded a bunch of cutesy chalkboard fonts. Then I opened up Powerpoint and created a slide the same size as my foamboard (20 in X 30 in) and designed what I wanted the board to look like:

But, I don't have a fancy schmancy printer that prints 20 in x 30 in (if I did, there really wouldn't be a point to this post) so I went on Google and searched "how to print large picture on multiple sheets) and found this site: Block Posters. It allows you to upload your file and print it as big as you'd like. So I uploaded my slide (which I saved as a JPEG) and selected for it to print on TWO LANDSCAPE LETTER sized sheets across. I put that in caps because I am embarrassed to admit how many sheets of paper I fucked up with the wrong sizing.

Ok, so it printed on 8 sheets. I laid them out on my foamboard:

See that gap where the margins are? Yeah, not gonna work for me. I'm anal retentive. So I pulled out my paper trimmer and got rid of the access.

Does it look SO much better? Humor me, people.

I taped all the sheets of paper together then put a small piece of tape at the top to keep it from moving on the foamboard.

Then I did something that did not work but I'm going to tell you anyway. I rubbed chalk on the back of the paper thinking that when I traced, it would transfer over onto the foamboard. It did not, so don't even bother. It'll just get chalk on your board for no reason.

I began to trace the letters, pressing firmly. This will leave an imprint on your board.

Here's my tip. DO NOT TRACE THE WHOLE PIECE IN ONE SHOT. You'll make more mistakes and it'll be a bigger pain in the ass to fix. Trace a small part, then lift the paper, and retrace with your gel/metallic markers/colored pencils/crayons.

Add your own flair to the lettering!

Here's the finished product:

(I'll add his height & weight after our 12 month well visit next month)

Here are the fonts I used (click on the name for the link to download):

This wasn't my favorite project to work on, but it was easy, cheap, & it came out cute!


  1. Hi Renata, cute blog...cute son :) I know i should not smile when they cry, but he's so cute! Cool tutorial too...I don't do a lot of crafts now, but if i did...
    Merrie @

    1. Thank you for stopping by & for the sweet words!

  2. This is awesome, lady!! I love it! And it scares me that blogger lost this for you twice!

  3. This is such a cute idea! You're so artistic and crafty. I couldn't help but notice that one of your son's favorite songs is Atirei o pau no gato. Is that a Brazilian nursery rhyme? I grew up in Brazil and remember singing that song as a child.


    1. Yes it is! My parents are Brazilian and I speak/sing to Sebastian in Portuguese about 90% of the time. He loves Atirei o Pau no Gato and claps every time.

  4. Wow aren't you talented! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! Wish I were so crafty. Love doing crafts but can never come up with it on my own... so I just copy cat.
    Great work Renata!

  5. What font did you use for "Sebastian?"

  6. Do you have to change the margins or size at all to create the design or can you do that when you go to print it out on the block posters site?? I don't have power point so Im just trying to figure it out with word

  7. I love this idea and I am an avid DIY!!!! Where did you get the images such as the banner and the circle frame that says how many teeth Sebastian has? How do you get the lines to split the sections?