Monday, December 16, 2013

(Trying to Survive) Holiday Travel

I'm an anxious person. I hate being late, I always feel like I forgot something once I get in the car, and I'm constantly making sure I have my passport.

Well, throw a baby into the mix and that anxiety will reach an all time high. We have made two long distance trips with Sebastian and lived to tell the story. Here are some tips that have made the travel somewhat seamless.

#1 - Make a list. Check it twice. Or in my case, 12938948 times.
I'm a list maker. When we're gearing up for travel, I make 3 lists - things I need to pack, things I need to buy, and things I need to do.

#2 - Start packing early.
This gives me time to do laundry, buy things I need, and edit my selections so I'm not carrying around 2938349 things I don't really need.

#3 - Keep all of your travel documents in one easy to reach, organized place.
When we went to Brazil in November, I carried around 5 passports, 3 boarding passes, and my marriage license (horray for name changing horrors!). The easiest way for me to manage it all was to keep it contained in a plastic envelope in an easy to reach inside pocket of my LO & Sons O.G. Bag (found here)

#4 - Calculate the formula & diapers you'll need - then double it.
The last thing you want to deal with is a delayed flight with a hungry or stinky baby. Even if you don't end up using it all, it's better to be on the safe side when it comes to feeding and changing. I carry these single serve powder formula packs in my diaper bag with empty bottles. Security is hard enough as it is with a baby, so I avoid carrying liquids. Once I get past security, I buy two bottles of water.

#5 - Buy a few new toys to keep your kid entertained.

My eight month old's attention span is about the same as a gnat's so I made sure to have some brand new toys to whip out of my diaper bag if he started to fuss. Please note that this $17 adorable Jungly Tails book was a giant fail. I liked it more than he did.

#6 - Pack a change of clothes for ERRBODY!
Sebastian has traveled in easy snap up sleepers and I always keep an extra in my diaper bag. And since he also barfed all over me a mere seconds before boarding for our 9.5 hour flight, I carry a change of clothes for me and an extra t-shirt for Sergio.

#7 - Gate check your stroller & car seat.
Yes, it's a pain in the ass to drag your carseat and stroller all over the terminal but it's less likely to be tossed as hard as it would if you check it with your baggage. And strollers and car seats are expensive, yo! Also, if the flight is empty, they'll let you bring your car seat on board to put on a seat. This has not happened for us yet, but I don't think it's a myth, lol.

#8 - Dress in layers.

I always travel in leggings, easy to slip on-off shoes, & a scarf. Comfy & warm.

#9 - Wear your kid, if you can.
The best way to have your arms/hands free while keeping your kid safe. Sebastian took a nice nap in the Boba while getting off the plane in Brazil, all through getting our baggage, and going through customs. It was easier for me to have him attached than making sure I had my hand on the stroller at all times.

#10 - DRINK.
I'm not suggesting you get trashed, but one glass of wine once you're safely on the plane to take the edge off is not a bad idea.

And that is how I survived traveling with an infant during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. To see more holiday travel tips and outfits, head over to More Pieces of Me and On the Daily Express to check out their Holiday Style Link Up!


  1. You are so fabulous! I loved reading this since I obvi don't have kids and have no idea what that mess is about! These are awesome- thanks for sharing!! And I really want that OG in purple. Or maybe an OMG since I already have an OG....

  2. I'm so down with #10 ;) Traveling with a baby never looked so hot! Nice post.

  3. So glad to have you joining the Holiday Style Linkup and I really enjoyed reading your tips and tricks!! Dress in layers: truth! I'm always too cold in the airport or too hot in the airplane or vice versa. (And I love that jacket in your travel outfit it from Target? It looks familiar.) I think I really need to try step 10 to de-stress this year. Except this year my holiday travel is a road trip so I guess the drinking and driving thing won't quite work!
    On the Daily Express

  4. Really the best way to have your arms/hands free while keeping your kid safe. Just wear them. I like your post here I get many interesting and use full tips for the holiday trip.

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  5. Do you recommend the Lo&Sons OG bag as a diaper bag/travel bag?


    P.S. I have a 20 month old toddler.

    1. Hi Diana! I think the OG is way too big for a diaper bag. I can fit my laptop, a pair of shoes, and enough clothes for about 3 days in there.

  6. Thanks for getting back to me so promptly. Based on your recommendation, I'm leaning towards the OMG bag from Lo and Sons. I noticed there is no dedicated bottle holder for sippy cups/water bottle. Do you recommend the OMG bag (slightly smaller) for a diaper bag and to be used as a travel bag for domestic and international trips? Would you say when your OG is fully loaded that you can carry it cross body comfortably? I'm looking to carry just 1 bag on a 4 hour flight with a toddler. I'm solo so I must carry the bag. Thanks.
    P.S. Your baby looks so cute being carried. I did that when I traveled with Dylan at 7 months to Dubai and Jakarta. But,he’s too big to be carried now.

    1. I did not find my Lo & Sons comfortable for crossbody. Honestly, when I used it for travel, I plopped it on top of the stroller since I was wearing Sebastian. If I were in your position, I would probably go with something that is specifically designed to be worn crossbody or even a backpack so that you can easily maneuver picking up your toddler if you have to. Skip Hop makes a nice black one.

  7. Thanks for the info. I was trying to be more stylish and not use my Juju Be Diaper Be Right Back Diaper Backpack (it won't fit under the seat) and looking for an alternative. But you are right, with a car seat, and a toddler, I will need to be more practical. It seems like the L&S OMG may not be the right fit, esp. to keep the bottles upright. Appreciate your input.