Tuesday, December 31, 2013

NYE - Sequins Required

While I think sequins can be worn any day, I think they are an absolute must have for NYE. Here are some sequined looks I've worn during the holiday seasons:
Clearly, I've gotten a ton of wear out of these Jessica Simpson sequin shorts (even on NYE 28 weeks pregnant!). You can find similar and affordable ones here, here, & here.

If you don't feel bold enough for a sequined skirt or shorts, you can also add a little sparkle with your top like this sequin striped t-shirt I purchased at F21 last year (something similar here):

No matter your comfort level, there are plenty of options whether you want a teeny bit or a ton of sparkles. So glitter on! ;)

I'm linking up with More Pieces of Me and On the Daily Express for their Holiday Style Link Up. Check them out for more NYE outfit inspiration!


  1. I forgot how adorable you were with child! You rock those sequin shorts, dang! I have some, but they're truly not as fabulous as yours!!

  2. I love all of these fun, sparkly looks and it looks like we share an affinity for black! I'm amazed that you were able to wear those shorts at 28 weeks pregnant! Love that purple blazer, too...hm...I don't have a purple blazer yet...I might be needing one!