Sunday, December 15, 2013

Another Recap & a late 8 Months

Yes, I've been terrible at posting these last couple of weeks.  I really have no excuse other than my life is fairly boring, work is busy, my outfits have sucked, and I have no time for crafting, lol.

The only thing worthy recapping is our Thanksgiving trip to Brazil which was quite a success. Sebastian slept for 7 out of the 9.5 hour flight both ways. He also handled being passed around and kissed by family members really well. I would say it turned out way better than I anticipated.
Here he is enjoying his Thanksgiving coconut on the beach.

He also turned 8 months in Brazil on November 26th. This month has been filled with new things - log rolling, zombie dragging his body across the wooden floors, clapping on command, and two brand new teeth. 

So there you have it... I bet if Sebastian could blog, he'd have a whole lot of posts ready to go. I'll try to keep up ;)


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