Monday, December 16, 2013

8 Month Must Haves

#1 - Fisher Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo - Sebastian goes crazy in this thing. He jumps so hard sometimes we worry he'll fly right out. Major downfall though - this thing is HUGE. Like doesn't fit through the doorway huge, so he can only jump in 3 places, lol.

#2 - Fisher Price Rock-a-Stack - This toy is a classic. I remember my sister got one for Christmas when she was about Sebastian's age (crazy memory, huh?) He loves to pull all of the rings off, hold two in his hands, clank them together, roll them around...

#3 - Fisher Price Baby's First Blocks - Another classic. He doesn't understand how to sort the shapes through the holes yet but he'll yank the top off, dump all the pieces out, and put the bucket on his head. Fine by me.

#4 - The First Years Stack n Count Cups - When preparing for our Brazil trip, I asked a group of moms which toys their babies enjoyed at his age. Almost all of them suggested stacking cups. I bought these reluctantly because who wants to play with cups? I also bought a $17 Jelly Cat's book. Have you noticed that the book isn't on this list? Because he REFUSED to play with it and loved this $3 toy instead. These cups are numbered on the bottom and have cut out shapes on the inside. We love filling them with water in the tub and watching the water sprinkle out.

#5 - Any ball - Sebastian will play with any ball for a long time. He laughs hysterically when you roll a ball to him and can roll it back. He also loves trying to get a hold of the ball in his little hands which just makes the ball roll more, making him laugh more too.

#6 - Isso Eu Sei! - My aunt purchased this board book for Sebastian while we were in Brazil. I love it because the pages are filled with different labeled objects so we can point and name things in Portuguese. The illustrations are very cute and some of the labeling is funny.

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