Monday, October 28, 2013

7 Months

Well, that went by quickly. Seven months hit on Saturday and I want to sloooowwwww everything down. I will look at him sometimes and he doesn't look like a little baby anymore. Part of me is heartbroken and part of me is excited for what's to come.

What he's been up to lately:

  • Despite the beginning phases of eating solids being iffy... kiddo picked it up quickly and is now eating 3 meals a day and LOVING it. I love seeing how excited he gets as I prepare his little bowl. When I'm feeling brave, I let him feed himself. Which also means feeding Fifi.
  • He's got two teeth! Dude, those things are razor sharp. I thought he broke skin the other day. And I have to warn people who hold him. He goes for your face. Like a zombie.
  • Jumping like a crazy baby in his jumperoo. Sometimes I'm scared he's going to fly right out. Then I lay back down on the couch with my warm cup of coffee and enjoy the peace, lol.
  • He is making lots of different sounds lately. Serg SWEARS he said "dada". And daggers shot out of my eyeballs.

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