Monday, September 30, 2013

We were so traumatized by JCP that we bought a camera...

I wanted 6 month pictures of Sebastian but since we're traveling lots this year (we went to Cali, going to Brazil and DR in coming months), I was hesitant to spend on a professional photographer. So when I saw a Groupon for portraits at JCPenney for $25, I jumped on it. Of course, I got Sebastian's adorable outfit ready.

I made the appointment for 2:30 which is after Sebastian's lunch and afternoon nap. What could go wrong?! Well, we got there and were told they were running an hour behind. Fine, we walked around the mall and came back after the hour had passed. Were they ready for us? NOPE. At that point, Sebastian was sleeping again. Greattt. When they finally did call us in, it was 4pm and I had to wake him. Greattt. He was not a happy camper and we were done snapping pics within 15 minutes because they were rushing and who wants pictures of a pissy baby? Then we had to WAIT SOME MORE to look at our pictures and decide which ones we wanted on our free 3 image CD. Then we waited SOME MORE for the CD to be burned. Oh, and we waited extra long for that because the chick FORGOT ABOUT US. It was such a clusterfuck that I was too shocked/horrified to flip a shit. When we finally did leave at 5:45 (yes, you read that correctly. THREE HOURS AND FIFTEEN MINUTES LATER!!!!!), Serg and I made a "wrong" turn into the Best Buy parking lot and 10 minutes later, came out with this beauty.
Sony NEX 3N - compact system camera

So much for saving some money, huh? But it takes some pretty awesome photos and I haven't learned a third of what it can do yet. Here are some of my fave shots so far.

Poor Sebastian is going to get sick of being my baby model.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

6 Month Must Haves

#1 - Graco My Ride 70 - A little over a week ago, Sebastian starting flipping a shit the second we put him in his Britax infant car seat. And the freak out would continue for the entire car ride, getting louder and more urgent and there was nothing that could calm him. If Serg was driving, I would get in the back with him and if I were driving alone, sometimes I'd cry along with him. I spoke to a couple of moms who suggested switching him to a convertible car seat. I immediately went out and purchased the Graco My Ride 70 which allows him to ride rear-facing until he reaches 40 lbs and forward-facing until he's 70 lbs. Because the seat puts him up higher, Sebastian now sits happy as a clam, looking out the window and I can drive again!

#2 - Lamaze Captain Calamari - During a trip to BuyBuyBaby to pick up a baby shower gift with my mother, she handed this toy over to Sebastian to play with while we shopped. And being the spoiling grandma that she is, bought it for him. He loves the colors, the different textures, and the rattle at the bottom.

#3 - Sony NEX-3N - Serg and I had played around with the idea of getting a DSLR for awhile but couldn't commit to the price, size, and learning how to use one. After a shitastic time at JCP's Portraits (more on that later), we splurged on this compact system camera and we love it.

#4 -  IKEA Antilop Highchair - I spent hours debating which highchair to purchase and didn't really love any of them. I wanted something small, modern, and easy to clean. I also didn't want to spend $200+ on it. Well, hello there IKEA Antilop. Best.$25.Spent.Ever.

#5 - Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Crawl Around Car - Our friends Ale & J came over for dinner a couple of weeks ago and brought this adorable toy for Sebastian. Once I noticed that he was starting to sit pretty well, I brought it out and he was entertained for over 15 minutes. I was able to answer at least 5 emails. This is how I rate toys now... how many emails can I get through, lol.

#6 - Skip Hop Grand Central - While I was a fan my Skip Hop Duo, it wasn't cutting it with room for all the crap I need to carry around especially now that his diapers and clothes are bigger. What I really like about this one is all of the compartments and pockets. I'm able to keep my junk (wallet, sunglasses, iPhone, lipgloss) separate from Sebastian's stuff instead of digging to the bottom of the bag.

#7 - Fisher Price Go Baby Go! 1-2-3 Crawl Along Snail  - Tummy time is still not a fun time around here and in a state of desperation to get Sebastian more excited, I bought this toy that lights up, plays music, and wobbles around. It was enticing enough to get him to roll from back to belly (horray!) but not enough to keep him happy on his belly...

#8 - Razbaby RaZ-Berry Silicone Teether - First of all, teeth are demons. They transform your baby into unhappy, drooling, biting grumps. We can see the outline of the bottom teeth in Sebastian's swollen gums and the little nubs on this teether seem to help soothe him.

Friday, September 27, 2013

6 Months

Kiddo turned 6 months yesterday! Serg and I honestly cannot believe how quickly time has passed and how big our little boy has gotten.

What he's been up to lately:
  • trying out new solids. Sweet potato was definitely a favorite - avocado was a big ol' fail.
  • sitting up unassisted. Now it's all he wants to do... if he ain't sittin, he ain't happy.
  • rolling from back to belly. He does this quickly if he wants a toy that's out of reach. But he has shown ZERO interest in rolling the other way.
We are half way to one. Can we slow this down a bit?