Monday, August 12, 2013

What WE Wore - Sunday Brunch Wedding

This weekend, Serg, Sebastian, and I attended Serg's cousin's brunch wedding. Since it was Sebastian's first formal event, I was so excited that we had an appropriate outfit for him. My friend Lindsey had sent us this adorable vest/pant combination from FAO Schwartz before he was born. Throw in the mustache paci and he was set! I love how Serg matched (although he added a tie when we got to the wedding location).

Sebastian was so well behaved during the whole wedding. I fed him during the ceremony so he was nice and quiet, then he enjoyed some dancing at the reception.. 

Later he took a nap in the Boba 3G and his stroller. I couldn't believe he slept through the loud music, but he was fine. 

Before we left, Serg took him through a limbo line, lol.

We all had a blast :)

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