Saturday, August 3, 2013

What the Mother F - 4 Month Sleep Regression

Once upon a time, I had a beautiful baby boy who slept like an angel. We would start our bedtime routine of bath, story, bottle, a little singing and he'd be out like a light by 7pm, only to wake again at 6am. Life was beautiful.

This was last week. Can I go back in time?

Then the baby boy turned 4 months and everything went to SHIT.

The End.

Can someone PLEASE tell me this will get better?! Everything I've read is saying this could last 4 weeks and I think I will have lost all my marbles by then.


  1. LOL awww it was the opposite for us, bella started sleeping through the night in her own bed at 4 months till 7am and now sometimes 8am! I think i have a special case child though because she never wakes up even while teething and her molars are coming in and not one peep from her, not even when she has a cold she sleeps all night, THANK GOD! I am sure the next one won't be as good haha, i am being tricked! Good luck @_@

  2. I feel your pain. Sara's naps have disappeared and now she wakes every few hours during the night. . She started a few weeks before 4 months though.!