Saturday, August 31, 2013

5 Month Must Haves

#1 - Green Sprouts 2 Pack Silli Paw Teether - My friend Sally purchased these teethers for Sebastian because her son loved them. Each "finger" on the paw has a different texture in a soft silicone. Sebastian loves to rub the middle one with the ridges on his gums. Looks like teeth might make an appearance soon!

#2 - H&M Infant Sweapants - My baby is a little chubster so these soft organic cotton sweatpants are perfect because the wide waistband doesn't dig into his belly. They're also 3 for $12!

#3 - Eric Carle Attachable Activity Caterpillar - This toy is colorful, cute, and has a bunch of different textures Sebastian has been exploring. He really likes to pull the apple out of the vinyl pocket... then stick it in his mouth.

#4 - Bright Starts Lots of Links - These colorful links serve lots of purposes... hanging toys from the car seat, keeping toys together, and teethers. About $5 for a set of 24.

#5 - Circo Uni Safari Mobile - Cranking the music on this mobile in the AM, buys me enough time to brush my teeth, hair, and put some clothes on. Anything that does that is a winner in my book.

#6 The Baby Signing Bible - A super easy guide to signing with your baby. We've been signing "milk" since Sebastian was about 8 weeks old and he definitely understands it!

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