Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Month 3 Must Haves

#1 - Rhino Toys O-Ball - Now that Sebastian knows he has hands, he loooovveess grabbing things. This O-Ball toy is perfect because he can wrap his little fingers through the openings and get a good grip. It's light weight, inexpensive, and comes in a variety of colors and styles.
 Look what I can do!

#2 - Johnson & Johnson Baby Hand & Face Wipes - These wipes are the easiest way to freshen up during the day while we're out and about. And I love the way they smell!

#3 - Baby Gap Straw Hat - I have a serious obsession with Baby Gap and hats. Combine the two and we have a problem. After seeing how adorable Sebastian looked in his fedora, I couldn't help but pick this one up too! Isn't it very Gatsby?
 After looking so dapper in his fedora, he needed the other hat too! ;)

#4 - IKEA Leka Cirkus Play Mat - I didn't want to keep dragging his Kick and Play Piano gym up and down the stairs (it's in my office area upstairs) so this IKEA play mat was a perfect solution. It's big (almost 4'x4') but I can fold it up and store in a basket so it's not in the way. It's very plush and each animal and ball has a different sound or texture. And it's cheap - $24.99!

#5 - Boba 3G Carrier - Yes, I bought another Boba. But this one was with Serg in mind! I swear! The 3G is lightweight, easy to put on, comfortable, and fits both of us. I wore it grocery shopping and Sebastian slept the whole time... despite being stopped in nearly every aisle by people trying to peer down at him, lol.

#6 - Classic Toms - These are my version of sensible "mom" shoes. I have them in black glitter, red, and gray. Comfiest shoes EVER.

#7 - iPlay Swim Diaper - iPlay has the cutest "cloth" swim diapers in prints for both boys and girls. We've used it for swimming in Grandma & Grandpa's pool and will use them for our "Mommy & Me" swim classes in September.

#8 - Sophie the Giraffe - I don't know if Sebastian is teething yet but he is constantly trying to shove his fist in his mouth. I don't want him to get into the habit of hand/finger sucking so I've been redirecting with toys. Sophie is a favorite!

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