Wednesday, June 26, 2013

3 Months

Well, we're a quarter of our way to 1 year old, lol. How the hell did that happen? Here are some recent developments:
  • All of a sudden he realized he has hands. He's grabbing all kinds of stuff.
  • Tummy time isn't as torturous as it was before.
  • Smiles and chuckles are more frequent.
  • More sleep! Horray!
I went back to work on June 11th. Can I just say that while I always knew I would want to continue working, I really feel like maternity leave should be AT LEAST 6 months. Absolute minimum. I'm super blessed to have an amazing mom who is helping out tremendously in watching Sebastian while I work BUT I feel like he's just so so so little to not be with me all.the.time. We're still getting to know each other! Is that crazy? Um, not to mention, I'm still pretty exhausted. I'm still wondering when it'll "get easier*". I think an additional 3.5 months would have been mucho bueno for all parties involved.

I love looking at these monthly pictures and seeing how different he is getting in just a few short weeks. I wish I could freeze him this size and nom on those leg rolls all day long.

*Btw, hearing that from other moms is almost infuriating. Can you give me a m-f'ing date when it'll "get easier"? No? No set date? Ok, then shut your pie hole because you're only adding on to my feeling inadequate and crazy.


  1. I give you until June 29th and then it will be easier!

  2. I totally agree that maternity leave should be 6mnths to 1yr. For me it never got easier, you just come to peace with the fact that you have to work. Face time was a great way for me to check in and see him, when I was missing his face! I love the 3 month mark, when they are less like newborns and more like a baby!