Monday, April 29, 2013

A Short Mama's Quest for a Carrier (it ain't easy, let me tell ya)

Before Sebastian was born, I was certain I was going to be a babywearing mother. There are tons of studies on the benefits of babywearing:
  • worn babies cry less
  • it promotes physical, mental, & emotional development
  • it's a bonding tool
But you know what else it does? GIVES YOU BOTH YOUR ARMS BACK! Holy tennis elbow Batman! My arms haven't been this sore since... well, EVER.

So I did my research and I decided to go with the Baby K'tan - "the baby carrier that slips on like a shirt and fits like a wrap". I ordered it from for free shipping and 5% off with my Target card. Ended up being about $47.
Awww, doesn't that baby look so happy and snuggly? Well, this picture is a bunch of LIES.

The Baby K'tan was attractive to me because I wanted something softer and versatile but didn't want the difficulty of actually wrapping my baby. The K'tan has multiple carrying positions but it's sized to fit the adult carrying the baby, so Serg & I couldn't share. I looked at reviews and the sizing info on the website and decided to go with an XS. Sounds fabulous right? Yep... until I had Sebastian and tried to put him in it. Kiddo screamed like we were trying to murder him. I very quickly returned the Baby K'tan and waited to regain my hearing before trying the next one...

The ErgoBaby Original Carrier. It's a soft structured carrier that's ergonomic for babies (cradling them in a natural sitting position) and allows for 3 different carries - front, back, & hip. It's adjustable with straps and buckles so Serg and I could share. Wonderful! I ordered it from Babies R Us with 15% off (about $90) in black/camel so it wouldn't be too "girly". 
Doesn't this woman look so happy and comfortable walking in the sunlight in her long sleeve shirt and wearing her heat producing child? Well, this picture is ALSO a bunch of LIES.

Because Sebastian is still a teeny baby, I had to also order the infant insert so I could actually wear him in the Ergo. The infant insert essentially turns your baby into a burrito. Yep, down comforter burrito. Hmm, this already doesn't seem like such a good idea considering the warmer months are quickly approaching. But I wanted to give it a try anyway.
Despite the straps and buckles being adjustable on the Ergobaby, I was NOT comfortable in it. It's very bulky, heavy, and not soft. It's actually pretty long and I don't have a very long torso so the waist band kept pressing on my thighs when I walked. And it made both me and Sebastian very sweaty. RETURN!

Up next... the JJ Cole Agility Stretch Carrier - brand spankin' new... only out in April 2013. You would think that I'd wait for reviews on the product but NOPE. I was determined to wear Sebastian. I NEEDED my arms back. So I headed to Babies R Us with a 20% off and a $10 off coupon and purchased it in a small (about $24). 
I wouldn't necessarily call this one a lie... buttttt....

It is similar to the K'tan in that it's sized to the wearer BUT it slips on like a tshirt and is more breathable. Sebastian did not scream bloody murder in it. You guys are waiting for the problem right? It's made of cotton t-shirt like material with no stretch... so the shape doesn't bounce back. It wasn't easy to put Sebastian in and I couldn't get him in the newborn position despite watching the "instructional" video a million times. I think the sizing is off and I may have needed an extra small. Augh, this is getting difficult...

I gave in and decided to try a wrap. I didn't go with a Moby because like the Agility, it's cotton with no stretch. Instead, I ordered the Boba Wrap from with free shipping and 20% off (about $30).

Not lying... but she definitely didn't wrap this kid at the park.

The Boba Wrap has spandex in the fabric so it's easier to wrap tightly and feels more secure. It's one size fits all so Serg can also wear Sebastian (although he was skeptical when I wrapped him in the 394830249 feet of fabric). There is definitely a learning curve with using a wrap but the instructional videos on the Boba Family website are very helpful. My only issue is that the fabric is SO long, you will end up dragging it on the floor and you don't want to do that in a parking lot or bar (just kiddinnnnggg).  I'll have to wrap it at home, drive to my destination, then put Sebastian in it. Not that big of a deal. I think this one is a keeper!


  1. This is super helpful! I just found your blog! My baby should come anyday now and I will probably be stalking you :) Helpful stuff you have on here!

  2. I have the Boba wrap too, its so much better than the moby wrap. I was looking around to buy a sling when i stumbled on a moby wrap so i ended up buying it since it looks much safer than a sling. But two weeks of using it i got really tired of the heaviness and thickness of it, started looking for a ktan(didnt look into the Boba wrap cuz it just looks like the same thing to me) but there's no store that sells k'tan here so i have to order it online and ive been reading the sizing of it are a little off so if i got the wrong size i have to go through the hassle of returning it. Anyway, i did alot of research about boba wrap, and i got one from ebay for a cheap one, i was on a mission to grew to more hands so i could get thinoutgs done around the house, i got the boba wrap out of the box and found out the difference in the fabric andhow light it is. So when i put it on i just fell inlove with it, love it love it, and whats important to me is my 2mo old baby doesnt seem to mind being in it and actually interacts more and comfortable with it. So this one is a keeper. Makes me wanna have another baby to keep using it haha just kidding!!!

    1. P.s i just made myself a k'tan so its a sure fit. I love it and its free haha!