Friday, March 1, 2013

Dressing the Bump - Professionally

Blazer - F21, Top - Romeo & Juliet, (cami worn underneath), Maternity Leggings - Nom, Boots - Enzo

My plan is to work until the spawn decides to leave his warm hiding place in my ute. I'm not very good at sitting around waiting for something to happen and Liberty Mutual assured me I can call them on the way to the hospital and say "hi, my last day is right now" and start my short term leave. This is my plan for now. As in, right this minute. Because as soon as work starts stressing me out, I start thinking that maybe sitting around on my butt with my feet propped up eating bonbons for two weeks prebaby might not be so bad.

But for now, I'm working. Which often requires me to get dressed and look somewhat professional. Luckily my 3948390842 blazers still fit. I've come to realize that throwing one on despite wearing leggings does make for a presentable 9 month belly.

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