Monday, March 18, 2013

Dressing the Bump - Friday Night Drinks... Ginger ale counts as a drink, right?

Jean jacket - Old Navy, Dress - H&M, Scarf, tights, boots - F21, Glasses - Derick Cardigan (via

We met up with our friends for drinks in Hoboken at a bar this past Friday and it's quite funny how many horrified looks I got... b/c WHO would let a woman due in 11 days into a establishment with alcohol?! How inappropriate! *eye roll*

To make matters worse... I did the Dougie. And no, my baby didn't just fall out of my vagina with all that hip movement. Sadly, lol.

It amazes me how people treat pregnant women so strangely. It's like all of a sudden strangers think they can touch you, ask you personal questions, give you unsolicited advice, and treat you like you're diseased in some way. It's really just a better idea to shut your piehole.

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