Sunday, November 18, 2012

Vinyl Tree Project - that was kind of a nightmare, lol

I had been thinking about what to put up in the baby's room for awhile and couldn't really think of a "theme" I really liked. I'm not a huge fan of keeping things the same for long periods of time (I bore easily...) and I didn't want to make it very "boy" specific in case we miraculously have a girl one day. I found a really adorable alphabet animal print with some funky little animals that I loved. So I bought it because it's not overly cutesy and I liked the bold colors.
How cute is the urchin?!

 I sent a picture of it hanging over the crib to my sister who immediately responded with "OMG WHAT IF THAT FALLS ON YOUR BABY?!!!" To which I responded with "You are crazy" and then I couldn't stop thinking about my kid under this giant picture frame, lol. 

On to the next option for over the crib... a vinyl cut out. Safe enough.
Oooh, whimsical...

But sadly, because the room is oddly shaped and the ceiling is slanted, I had a really hard time finding a cut out that fit the dimensions I needed. I could have custom ordered one for $99 (not counting shipping!). Yeah... noooo. I'm cheap, remember?!

Then I remembered that I have a Cricut that cuts vinyl. And Sure Cuts A Lot that allows you to cut any image you want.  So I found an image of a tree I loved:
And I sat at my computer on SCAL trying to figure out how the hell to cut this tree out so that it's 66 inches tall. And I sat here for a while. And even made a grid with measurements... And then I stomped away because I couldn't for the LIFE of me figure out how the hell to cut this damn tree out with my Cricut without completely botching it. I finally gave up, said f it, and decided to go the old fashioned way.
That's my work projector on it's side on top of books... I put the image of the tree horizontally on a Powerpoint slide and projected it onto gift wrapping paper that had grids on the back that I taped to the wall. 

Then I traced.

Then I slowly cut it out and traced in pencil onto my Cricut vinyl.

And I slowly applied it onto the wall in pieces. Like a puzzle. The most annoying puzzle on the planet.

This is what my floor looked like as I cut the pieces out.

Because I went this route, I was able to use some of the vinyl "scraps" and leftovers to cut the thinner branches. I only ended up using three sheets of the 12X24 Cricut vinyl for the trunk & branches. I used another sheet for all of the leaves (which I cut out w/ the Cricut, I'm not that spatially inept, lol).

And here it is...
Don't worry, those pillows won't stay in there, I just haven't moved them yet!

Total cost of the project - $15 (2 packages of Cricut vinyl with 2 sheets in each at $9.99 purchased with a coupon)
Total time of manual labor - 3 hours. And lots of cursing.

I love the way it turned out... and hopefully so will this kid. Because he's going to have this tree in his room until he's 18. ;)


  1. love it! i just found out i'm having a baby girl (i'm about 20 weeks). i was convinced that i was having a boy, so now i have to rethink how i want the nursery to look. i want it to be pretty gender neutral too just in case we have more kids in the future...keep up the good work!

  2. ps- do you have the bedding picked out yet? is it the blanket on the crib?

  3. Congratulations on your baby girl! So exciting :)

    No bedding picked out yet... Since I'm not going to do a bumper, I think I'm going to pick out some fabric (with 2 coordinating patterns) I like to make the bed skirt, curtains, and changing pad cover. Then I'll mix and match solid sheets. I'm a huge chevron fan so when I saw that little baby blanket at Target, I had to have it. But not sure if it'll be part of the "theme". Have you picked anything out yet?

  4. That looks so awesome! Great job!

  5. Great job! I love your honesty! LOL