Monday, November 12, 2012

DIY Maternity Jeans

I graduated out of wearing my regular jeans with some help from a rubber band sometime last week. It got so uncomfortable and I hated how lumpy it looked under my shirts. I already have a pair of bootcut and straight leg maternity jeans but I was having a really hard time finding a pair of skinnies I liked. The jeans labeled "skinny" from the maternity stores were all technically straight leg... Old Navy's maternity skinnies all had horrible whiskering or fading... Gap jeans have NEVER fit me... and the designer brands were wayyyyy more than I'd ever spend on jeans that I could wear for years, much less a couple of months. So, I decided to look for a DIY tutorial. And I came upon this little gem from Natty By Design (Tutorial: DIY Maternity Jeans) on Pinterest. SCORE!

Now, Forver21 $10.80 skinnies are my favorites to begin with (which is why I was having a hard time spending over $30 on a pair of maternity jeans from Old Navy) so this was a perfect solution. I stopped by F21 and picked up 3 pairs of jeans. While there, I realized I only had one "Belly Band" at home and in order to keep this project as cost-effective as possible (especially since I thought I'd botch it), I decided I needed an alternative to buying 2 more $16.99 bands from Target. I'm cheap. VERY cheap. Initially I thought of using some bandeau bras but couldn't find any (those probably would have been a great option!), so instead I went for 2 nude $2.80 stretchy camisoles in XSmall. I left F21 after spending a grand total of $38. I know what you're thinking... big spender right here.

I used my black belly band with the darkest pair of jeans.

And the nude camis for the other two. I simply snipped the top off and sewed the cut side to the cut off waistband of the jeans. Easy peasy.
 Not bare belly, I swear! lol

And now, I have THREE pairs of maternity jeans for the price of one horrible pair from Old Navy ;)
Not so shabby if you ask me!

They are so comfy because there's no zipper or button; I could wear them all day. I decided that they'll be worn for every major holiday pregnant or not because I can eat all I want without needing to unbutton my pants. Amazing. And now I have no need for any more jeans. Ever.


  1. lol oh my god your too funny, but they look great!! I only had one pair my whole maternity and you better believe i wore the crap out of those i refused to spend more money on that lol.

  2. AMAZING!!!!! Cheap and fabulous!

    I think I should whip up a pair of these jeans for my Christmas dinner tomorrow. lol even though I am not preg I need extra room for all that ham.

  3. I'm just as cheap. Can't wait to make some like these! Great job.