Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Webster for Target - Fitting Room Pics

I woke up bright and early this morning to head over to my closest Target (we're talking 2 miles away people, very dangerous, lol) to see what they had in their Shops collection. Sadly, the selections weren't as great as I was hoping for but I did get to try some stuff on from their The Webster Miami line.

First up, the tie front pleated dress ($42.99)

 I tried it on in an extra small and a small.
 Extra small                                                                                                 Small

The extra small fit well in the shoulders, waist, and length. It did NOT fit well in the arms (omg, I thought I was going to need to call for help taking it off b/c the arm holes were so tight) and the chest area. It pulled WAY too much.
Exhibit A:
 Can you see the circulation being cut off at the cuffs?! lol

The small just didn't fit well anywhere except the arm holes. The shoulders were too big and the chest area was too loose.
Exhibit B:

Not to mention, I think the color scheme looked drab on my complexion, like the tans were blending in with my skin. Yuck.

Up next, the long sleeved cardigan in white/green ($32.99) 

I LOVED this sweater. The color scheme is adorable & preppy and the material felt great, like it wouldn't fall apart after one wash (*cough like my JCrew cardis cough*). I tried it on in an extra small.

Then I tried on the Deco Print Sheath Dress in Navy/Melon ($39.99)
If I wanted to look like a rectangle, this would be the perfect dress to wear... And the cut of the sleeves are god-awful. Who wants to look like they have a SpongeBob body and extra wide shoulders? No bueno.
 Size 2                                                                                                  Size 4

And finally, the Stretch Sateen Jacket in Melon ($49.99)

 I also tried it on in a size 2 & 4 (buttoned & unbuttoned)
 Size 2
 Size 4

Meh. It wasn't horrible but I think I can find something in the same color in a better fabric and cut at Forever 21 (never thought I would say that!)

So, I did not purchase anything from that collection and I was not happy when I didn't see anything from their Polka Dog Bakery for Fifi. But don't worry, I did not leave Target empty-handed. That would be a miracle and a first. Tell me who doesn't need a pair of turquoise platforms?
 It was really hard to ignore that lovely red clearance sticker on the box in my size!

Did any of you find anything great at the new Shops at Target?


  1. I didn't even see the blazer at the Target by me. I picked up one dress (the green & coral) and was really happy with it.

  2. AnonymousMay 07, 2012

    Are you pregnant???

  3. @Anonymous, no, I'm not, but thanks so much for asking, lol.