Sunday, February 26, 2012

What I Made - DIY Diaper Cake

Usually I'm not a huge fan of diaper cakes... perhaps because most of the ones I've seen in real life have been lumpy, lopsided, and kind of ugly, lol. But as I pinned things for Lindsey's baby shower earlier this month, I came across a couple of diaper cakes that were covered with receiving blankets, giving it a smoother finish. I used this tutorial from Real Moms: Baby Shower Diaper Cake and adjusted the decorating to fit my pickiness, lol.

I bought all of my materials at Target, except for the wide pink glitter ribbon & cake base (purchased at Michaels).

I sat in front of the TV and rolled about 80 diapers (a mix of newborn swaddlers & the next size up) using the clear elastics. I thought my cuticles were going to bleed but it didn't take very long.

Use the baby powder as the base and stand the diapers around it like a ring. I think I did 3 or 4 rings around to make the bottom "tier" the biggest. Secure with a rubber band.

I did not take a picture of this but... the next tier will still be around the baby powder. Stand the rolled diapers around so it's slightly smaller than the bottle tier. Then I used glue dots to secure the 4oz. baby bottle on top of the baby powder and finished off my last tier around the bottle.

I prewashed the 4 receiving blankets from Target, ironed and folded them to fit the width of my tiers. I ironed again to make it nice & crisp. The bottom tier required 2 blankets to cover it so I just overlapped them (you can see a little green on the inside of the bottom tier). I secured the blankets with small pins.

Then I wrapped the ribbon around the tiers & secured those with small pins as well.

I didn't like that you could see the diapers so I used some crinkle paper from Dollar Tree to camouflage. I didn't add a cake "topper" because I couldn't find anything that matched the pinks in the blankets & ribbon (I'm a little anal when it comes to stuff like that) but I think it kept the diaper cake simple.

Easy! Now I should go help Lindsey unroll all those diapers before her baby girl arrives in March, lol.


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  2. I been wanting to do something like this soon. Looks like it is a lot of work..but sooo cute!

  3. I love your diaper cake! I like how you used all the little crinkle paper on it.

  4. Your diaper cake is really cute. I love how cakes look like using the rolled method. It tends to look cleaner.