Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What I Wore - Stripes & Ruffles

 Blazer - F21, Ruffled Tank - Target, Skinny Pants - Ann Taylor, Shoes - Moda Spana

I had been on a hunt for skinny black work pants for a while and scored when I found these on sale for $44 at Ann Taylor. I'm still not sure if they are "work" appropriate but I think it's a fun alternative to more structured/wider trousers. Since my top is longer and covers my bottom, I'm going to give it a shot today. You know how sometimes you want to see how the back of an outfit looks? Lots of style/fashion bloggers are lucky enough to have super talented people take their outfit photos and their back shots look natural. Since I have a tripod & a point and shoot, my back shots don't look very nice. Actually, I look like an ass taking a picture of her own ass. See?

Seriously, wtf do I look like I'm doing?

But at least you can see that my ba-donk-a-donk is covered and not completely unprofessional. Hopefully my boss won't be at this presentation scowling at my outfit, lol.


  1. Love the blazer! Is this new from F21?

  2. Not super new but it looks like they still have it on their website:

  3. I like this a lot! And I actually appreciate the back shot. I always wish bloggers would take a shot from behind b/c that's my trouble area and I like to see if an outfit is flattering from behind. ;)

  4. Glad to hear it, Le-Ann! Maybe I just need to practice on how to take pictures of my backside ;)