Monday, January 23, 2012

What I Wore - My dad asked if I was wearing a cardigan AS a dress

Everything is F21. Omg, do I need an intervention?!

The other afternoon, my mother asked if I could drive my dad to the airport since she had plans so we took advantage of the "alone time" and had lunch. I'm so lucky to have both my parents living near by (together! and in love!) so I really enjoy the few afternoons I'm working from home that I can spend with them. Usually these dates involve my mom but this time it was just me and dad. And he asked me if I was trying to pass off a cardigan as a dress. *sigh* I had a flashback of 15 year old me trying to go to a party in a mini-skirt and him saying, "Um, I see you're wearing a belt, don't you have a skirt to go along with it?" Oh, Dad.

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