Friday, January 20, 2012

Baby Shower Invites - Take 2!

I have never had an issue with Vistaprint and their shipping but for some reason they still haven't shipped Lindsey's original baby shower invites.

Since the RSVP date was quickly approaching and I wanted to give the ladies enough time to get back to me, I put together some simple invites with a rounded corner punch and my Cricut.

Fonts used: Feel and Champagne & Limousines

The silver paper was heavy cardstock left over from our wedding and I found the glittery pink paper at the Target $1 Spot with all of their Valentine's Day stuff. I cut the onesie using Sure Cuts A Lot and the rounded shadow option to layer the colors. The flowers were some photo corner stickers I've had in my stash. I really wanted to add little crystals as the silver onesie "snaps" but I didn't have any that were small enough so I just used a silver glitter pen.

I LOVE the idea of giving the new baby books instead of cards but I didn't want to seem rude or pushy like I was telling people what to buy. After some research online, I modified a little rhyme so it didn't break any etiquette rules then created a small 2.5x3in card to go along with the invite.

Although I really liked the chevron zig zag design of the original invite, I think these came out pretty cute for a last minute fix. Hopefully, all the other pieces I ordered from Vistaprint will get here in time for the actual shower!

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  1. I like your invite waaaaay better than the Vistaprint one... I too am waiting on my Vistaprint order.

    But I'm sure it took alot of time to make the cricut invites.

  2. Thank you so much! It actually didn't take too long b/c I set it up like an assembly line... cut, cut, round punch, tape gun, done! :)

  3. Really cute invites! I love the onesie!