Saturday, November 12, 2011

What I Wore: Giving My Oxfords a Shot

I had been eye-ing a pair of oxfords for a while and couldn't decide if I could pull them off or not. All the pictures I've seen where I loved the look have been of tall, thin, leggy women (clearly not my body type!). While at F21 the other day, I came across two pairs that were my size for $27.80. I threw them both in my shopping bag & at the register I told the girl, "Eh, I'm not going to take these." After she finished ringing me up, I panicked a bit, thinking I wouldn't come across another pair in my size at that price and said, "Actually, I think I'll take those tan ones..." What an impulsive buy! But nothing I felt too guilty about considering the price.

I came home & immediately started looking at pictures on Pinterest and decided I could wear my new shoes with cuffed skinnies:

 Earrings: F21, Jacket: Hollister Outlet, Sweater: Loft, Jeans: F21, Scarf: Loehmann's, Shoes: F21

They're really cute & comfy!

Serg went back to school (I'm so proud of him!) and he has classes on Saturday mornings, leaving me plenty of time to run errands & do chores at home. Today I got up really early thanks to our neighbor's child screaming on the deck at 6:50am... but my whole house was clean by 9:30! AND, I'm having an awesome lunch with my sister-in-law Maria this afternoon :) Anyone else like to feel productive on weekends?


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  1. OK - first of all there is no fashion on the planet that you could not ROCK! No shoe, hat or BURKA that you wouldn't look terrific in! LOVE the Oxfords!