Wednesday, November 30, 2011

10 Day You Challenge - 7 Wants

I really didn't want to make this whole list material wants so I mixed it up a bit.

1. The funds and vacation time to travel to awesome places. Including but not exclusive to the Greek Islands and a Kenyan safari.

2. My sister to get an AMAZING job in NYC that she could not refuse and come home. Selfish, I know, but this is a list of my wants.

3.  The motivation to go to the gym. Augh, I hate the gym so much but I know I should go.

4. A mudroom. Because I LOVE organizing and I think it'd be a great addition to our home.

5. An IPad 2. Why not?
6. This closet. With everything in it. Swoon.

7. To continue to be this happy with my love, family, and friends. Or happier. B/c then I really wouldn't need anything else.

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