Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What I Wore - Hot Pink Anyone?

Blazer - F21, TShirt - Loft, Pants - Loft, Belt - NY&Co, Necklace - F21, Shoes - Nine West

I bought this adorable magenta blazer on Black Friday at Forever 21. Then I came home and counted all of the blazers/jackets I have in my closet... 24. I think I might need help.


10 Day You Challenge - 7 Wants

I really didn't want to make this whole list material wants so I mixed it up a bit.

1. The funds and vacation time to travel to awesome places. Including but not exclusive to the Greek Islands and a Kenyan safari.

2. My sister to get an AMAZING job in NYC that she could not refuse and come home. Selfish, I know, but this is a list of my wants.

3.  The motivation to go to the gym. Augh, I hate the gym so much but I know I should go.

4. A mudroom. Because I LOVE organizing and I think it'd be a great addition to our home.

5. An IPad 2. Why not?
6. This closet. With everything in it. Swoon.

7. To continue to be this happy with my love, family, and friends. Or happier. B/c then I really wouldn't need anything else.

Monday, November 28, 2011

10 Day You Challenge - 8 Fears

1. Losing a loved one. I know death is a part of life but just thinking about it freaks me out.

2. Pregnancy and child birth. The whole "human growing inside another human" creeps me out and just don't seem natural. And the whole "human coming out of a human" grosses me out on another level. Barf.

3. Small, tight spaces. I'm seriously claustrophobic.

4. Rodents. I don't think I need to explain this one, lol. When I used to teach, our building had a mouse problem and I once climbed on top of a 1st grader's desk & screamed like a girl. My 1st graders talked about it all year. All rodents are so disgusting! I include gerbils, hamsters, squirrels, and chipmunks in this category.

5. Terminal illness. Watching a loved one slowly deteriorate. *shivers*

6. Being broke. And ending up living in a cardboard box.

7. Ghosts, zombies, crazy killers with chainsaws, things that grab you from underneath your bed. I'm not good at watching scary movies. They haunt me for weeks and I can't sleep without the lights on & Serg next to me.

8. The end of the world. I'm big into post-apocalyptic fiction and I don't think I have the survival abilities to make it out, lol.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Crazies - Some Tips

Yes, I admit that I am one of the crazies who heads out on Black Friday to face the hectic retail world. But I have never gotten stressed out, trampled, or left empty handed. Here are some tips on how I survive Black Friday:

1. Plan ahead. I always take a look at the circulars online to see what's on sale. Websites like: Black Friday Ads, Black Friday Info, and The Black Friday are great places to stalk. Another great way to find deals before Black Friday is to download a smart phone app like this one at the Apple App Store: TGI Black Friday. It sends you updates on deals as soon as they are available.

2. Map out your plan. Make a list of what you're looking for and which stores you need to go to. Staying organized helps! Last year I woke up at 5am to get to stores early and I didn't think it was that worth it, but then again, I didn't go for specific hot-ticket items. This year, I got to stores by 9am. There were still PLENTY of great sales. A lot of stores had 40-50% off your entire purchase until 11am, 12pm, or 1pm. Don't forget to add in time for waiting in line!

3. Be patient.  There are tons of people out, there's traffic, it's hard to park, long lines, and pushy people. Normally, I'm not the most patient person but I head out on Black Friday like it's a fun adventure. Calm, collected, and cool as a cucumber.

4. Dress appropriately. Wear layers. Who wants to carry around a bulky coat while searching through sales racks? Store temperatures vary and tons of bodies in small spaces = hot. And by wearing layers, you can try on clothes in front of a mirror without hitting lines for the fitting room. Wear a crossbody bag. So much easier for browsing!

5. Carry a snack. I'm not very nice if I'm hungry and a packed mall means a packed food court. I threw a granola bar in my purse and was home in time for a quiet lunch.

6. Look closely at the "deals". While at Target, I found a pair of boots that were on "sale" from $29.99 for $28. Really? Not quite a sale if you ask me. But the $189 TomTom I got for $89... worth it!

7. Shop online. Tons of stores offer the same deals online if you hate shopping crowds. This year Ebates had double the cash back for online purchases. Savings and money back? Perfection!

8. Pay it forward. Every year I buy a couple of $4 board games at Target and donate them to a toy drive. Whenever I leave a store & head to my car, I point it out to someone looking for a spot. Doing something small but nice for someone helps with the potential stress of the day. 

I had a good time shopping this Black Friday, I got some great gifts for my family members and a couple of things for myself. It'll hold me over until my favorite shopping day of the year: December 26th (so much better than Black Friday!)

What are your tips for surviving crazy shopping days? Did you find any great deals this year?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

What I Wore: Sometimes You Wear Stretchy Pants...

Ahh Nacho Libre... what a wise man. You can't do Thanksgiving dinner without stretchy pants!

Scarf: F21, Chambray shirt: F21, Leggings (stretchy pants!): Target, Boots: Target, Belt: NY&Co., Sunglasses: Juicy Couture, Lipstick: NYX Chloe

I can't wait to eat lots of delicious food at my in-laws! I made a giant tray of Spinach-Bacon Mac and Cheese and a Caramel Apple Cake. What yummy food do you love on Thanksgiving?

P.S. Check out i am Khatu's HANA Professional Flat Iron Giveway HERE!

10 Day You Challenge: Nine Loves

How fitting to have the 9 loves on Thanksgiving!

1. My husband. He's the reason I smile everyday.

2. My family. I wouldn't be me without them.

3. Our puppy Fifi. I can't get enough of that smushy face.

4. Traveling. Serg & I were lucky enough to go to Hawaii this year and we're planning on more exotic places next year.

5. Reading. I set a goal of 50 books for 2011 and I'm at 39 right now, I hope I can do it!
 6. Yummy food. Anything cheesy, creamy, chocolately, and delicious.

7. Shoes, clothes, & make up. What girl doesn't?!

8. Trying new things. Whether it's new hairstyles, crafts, food, places, it's always an adventure!

9. My awesome friends. Because life just wouldn't be as fun without them.

Happy Thanksgiving all! We have so much to be thankful for.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

10 Day You Challenge - 10 Secrets

Came across this on a forum and thought, "Why not?" My "What I Wore" posts are MIA this week since I'm working from home which = pjs all day :) And tomorrow I will be in the stretchiest pants I can find in my closet, lol.

10 secrets (what a way to start):
1. I hate talking on the phone. Always have. The whole waiting for someone to answer and then recognize who is calling and possibly pretending to even want to talk to you, lol. It gives me anxiety! I thank goodness for texting and wish it was popular when "talking" to boys on the phone was the cool thing to do. It would have saved me from a lot of sweating, dialing, hanging up, sweating some more.

2. Sometimes I wish Serg & I could just sell our house and move. I would love to try to live somewhere different like Texas or Georgia. Basically a state where the cost of living would allow us to have a giant house for the price we bought our tiny one in NJ. 

3. I miss my sister EVERY DAY. This may not be a secret to those who know me in real life, lol. She moved to California in January and it's been a hard adjustment for me. We're only 3 years apart and very close. I think she's the only person who actually gets me and who I can tell anything to. (augh, I'm tearing up!) My sister is the one person who HAS to be my friend no matter what ;)

4. Sometimes I judge parenting even though I'm not a parent. I know, I know, not cool. But I can't help thinking that buying your 7 year old Call of Duty MW3 is a bad call. Or that letting your 4 year old kick you in the shins because you won't buy Doritos is ok. I guess we'll see how it goes when I have my own kid.

5. IF I have my own kid. Lately I've been thinking that I could be VERY happy without producing my own spawn. I love my selfish lifestyle of buying shoes when I want them, traveling wherever my heart desires, ordering takeout when I don't feel like making dinner, and skipping laundry when I'm too tired. Kids cause wayyyy too much change. And I don't know if I'm up for it. Apparently it's too late for that conversation since I married a man who wants children. I thought Fifi our dog was a compromise, lol, jk!

6. I kinda judge people who don't have a passport. You need one to leave the country. You're gonna tell me you've never even been to Canada?! You can drive there from NJ! It does not help that I have two passports. I'm a snob.

7. I don't leave the house without mascara. I look instantly better with one coat. I swear.

8. I like crappy reality television. Housewives, Jersey Shore, Millionaire Matchmaker, Jerseylicious, Bridezillas, Tough Love, you name it, I probably watch it. I grew up in a home where TV was very regulated. PBS was the preferred channel. Even when I lived with my parents in my early 20s, I would hear, "Omg, turn that crap off!". So now that I live in my own home, it's pretty much ALL I watch. I'm rotting my brains as an adult.

9. I have an unhealthy addiction to blazers. My work wardrobe changed drastically when I started this job with the publisher and I had to wear suits. Being petite makes buying blazers and jackets difficult because although I have smaller shoulders & arms, I'm kinda busty. And they're expensive! So every time I come across a blazer that fits me & is under $40, I buy it. I have about 14 in my closet right now, lol.

10. I wish I could go back to college. Yes, I mean do the whole 4 years all over again. Not because I think I could do better... I would party harder, lol. Not that I didn't party hard the first time around but I did worry a lot about grades & doing well too. Oh, and I would major in something fun that would help me get a fun job. And party harder! And study abroad somewhere that is NOT icky, stupid Portugal. And be more involved in my sorority. Did I mention party harder? ;)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What I Wore: This is as creative as I can get, lol

Last night while planning what I was going to wear today, I really wanted to whip out my bold colored tights for the first time. I had bought a pair of bright blue, magenta, and purple tights last year on sale at Target for $2.50 and I still haven't figured out how to wear them. Thanks to my new obsession Pinterest, I found these inspirational pictures:

Unfortunately, I'm meeting my boss this morning to go over a presentation and she's a stickler for all things boring and old, lol. So, I had to stick with black tights... with a little texture! 

 Flannel: F21, Cami: F21, Belt: Charlotte Russe, Skirt: Ann Taylor, Tights: Target, Shoes: Urban Og, Necklace: gifted, Watch: Coach

 Maybe next time I'll feel courageous and throw on my blue tights with this outfit. What do you think?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What I Wore: Feeling a little bit country

 Sweater: Target, Tank: Old Navy, Belt: NY&Co, Jeans: Old Navy, Necklace: Loehmann's

It's a gloomy day here in NJ... so to cheer myself up, I'm having lunch with my incredible parents & doing a little shopping! I'm on the hunt for a pair of red jeans and magenta pants. Oh and maybe an accordian skirt. What fashion trends have you been coveting lately?

Monday, November 14, 2011

What I Wore: Must Be My Favorite Color Combo

After getting dressed this morning, I realized I was wearing our wedding colors: navy & orange. Know why they look so awesome together? Because they're complimentary on the color wheel!

 Sweater: Century 21, Button down: NY&Co, Jeans: AG, Shoes: Arezzo, Belt: thrifted from my mom's closet, Watch: Coach

I have always used my "Pocket Color Wheel" for color combo selection for my cards, scrapbook pages, and other paper crafts as well as when we decorated our house. I have never thought to use my color wheel for mixing new outfits but I think it'd be a great tool, don't you?

I'm the proud wife of a TOUGH & MUDDY husband :)

Yesterday Serg competed in the Tri-State's Tough Mudder in Englishtown, NJ. 12 miles and 32 obstacles of craziness. What kind of craziness you ask? Well, throwing yourself into an ice bath, hanging upside over a murky pond, running through a fire tunnel, crawling through an underground mud pit, and the final obstacle was getting electrocuted. Yes, you read that right, Serg & thousands of other insane people ran through live, electric wires right before crossing the finish line & receiving their celebratory beer. Anyone else thinking, "No thanks!"?

Serg signed up for this event at 5:30am while I was asleep and I only came to find out hours later when I saw his Facebook update. I immediately yelled, "What the hell did you just get yourself into?!" He  said he wanted to challenge himself and see if he could finish. And he did! I was so proud of him as I watched him go through the obstacles and every once in a while I felt a little bad as he shivered or grunted or looked like he was going to pass out. But he held on, kept going, and finished in 3.5 hours. Way to go Sergio!

Serg, I'm so proud to be your wife!