Saturday, September 10, 2011

Unity Candles

This morning while we laid in bed, I turned to Serg and whispered, "We'll be married in 3 weeks! What do we do after?" and he laughed at me, lol. It's all bittersweet; knowing that I won't have to worry about getting things done makes me relieved but I'm sure I'll miss planning the little details.

Anyway, here are our unity candles:

And our memorial candle:
I bought the pillar candles at IKEA and printed the writing on vellum paper. I attached the vellum & ribbon to the candle with my Scotch Advanced Tape Gun (loveeee itttt!). The glass pieces holding the candles up were purchased at AC Moore. I'm not sure if I like the bow on the holder for the memorial candle yet... what do you think?

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