Sunday, September 11, 2011

This might be my favorite project: Day Of Hoodies

As cheesy as it may be, my love for sparkles and rhinestones has only increased with age. When I told my mother I was going to bedazzle a zip-up for the day of the wedding, she looked at me like I was crazy & asked, "Why?!" Well, I don't want to have to pull anything over my head after I get my hair & makeup done in the morning & I doubt going to the salon in my robe is a very good idea. And why the heck not, I'm the bride & I plan to be only once so I want a sparkly hoodie!

I searched online for my options and I wasn't too impressed with the ones I could buy premade. Then I stumbled across this little tutorial: DIY Bridal Hoodie How To. Looked easy enough.

After 3 hours of sitting in front of the TV & a couple of hand cramps, here are the final products:

Front of my zip-up.

Back of my zip-up (I'm kind of obsessed. It REALLY sparkles, lol)

My sister's MOH zip-up.

I bought the zip-ups at Old Navy for $10 each and the Mylar paper & Hotfix rhinestones from EBay. I spent about $28 total for both zip-ups. Although it took a while to get it going, once I got the hang of putting the rhinestones on the Mylar paper, it was very easy. I really love the end result and I'm sure I'll wear it again on our 10 hour flight to Hawaii for our honeymoon :)

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