Monday, July 4, 2011

23 & 24/50 - Little Bee & World War Z

Almost half way there! I stopped participating in the seasonal book challenges so I'm starting to choose books that I actually want to read... It makes a big difference, lol, surprise, surpirse!

Ok, so I was really looking forward to Little Bee and the story started off strong. I was drawn to Little Bee's voice & felt for her. But once the ball started rolling and Chris Cleave introduced Sarah & Lawrence, I couldn't connect as much. The story became a bit forced and the ending seemed so contrived and abrupt. There was so much potential in this book. The story is heart wrenching but the character development wasn't enough for me. Still a good read but didn't live up to the expectation that Oprah set, lol.

World War Z on the other hand, blew my mind. It probably wasn't the best idea to listen to this audiobook while driving in the dark by myself in my big, scary minivan. At certain points I kept looking in my rearview mirror to make sure there were no zombies coming to bite me, lol. The series of interviews were narrated by different readers and I thought they were all phenomenal. What made this book so great was that it wasn't an over-exaggerated zombie story; it was written in a way that made a zombie apocalypse seem possible. So possible that I ran through a dark parking garage without looking back... just in case ;)

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