Thursday, April 14, 2011

14/50 Linger: The Wolves of Mercy Falls #2

I really wanted to like this series... I mean, who doesn't enjoy a good werewolf love story? I would have... if the werewolf wasn't some whiny, emo teenager who writes & sings his own songs. Bleh, to me, there's nothing worse or unattractive than an overly sensitive man, lol. Since I read Shiver last summer, I decide to listen to Linger while making a long, boring drive for work last week. Because the book was read by multiple narrators, I found Sam's character's voice to be distractingly whiny. The story was a bit slow in the beginning but it picked up towards the end, stopping off at a bit of a cliffhanger (meaning I'll force myself to read the last book when it comes out, DEFINITELY NOT listening to it again). The story line reminded me a bit of the Twilight series which I enjoyed for what it is but I think the genre is being overused when it comes to YA fiction. I have a feeling nothing will top my YA fiction obsession with The Hunger Games series...

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