Wednesday, April 20, 2011

15/50: Water for Elephants

Finished my reread just in time for the movie this weekend! Unlike Serg, who has been "reading" this book since we went to Puerto Rico... in February 2009... *smh*. This is definitely one of my top 15 favorite books. I didn't think I would be as moved while rereading it, but I cried just like I did the first time. I'm looking forward to Reese Witherspoon & Christoph Waltz's performances but I really hope icky-faced Robert Pattinson doesn't ruin the movie with his awful acting!

Maid of Honor Duty: Shower Invites

As I mentioned in the past, I'm my good friend Candice's maid of honor for her September wedding. It's awesome having a friend who is going through similar things to talk to & we've definitely bounced ideas off of each other. Her mother, the other bridesmaids & I are hosting her shower in June and I was put in charge of creating the invitations. Again, I designed the invite on Powerpoint & had it printed by Vistaprint. Here it is:

Don't worry people, the shower isn't a surprise. Like me, Candice does NOT like surprises... could be that we're both ridiculously organized & possibly control freak-ish ;)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

14/50 Linger: The Wolves of Mercy Falls #2

I really wanted to like this series... I mean, who doesn't enjoy a good werewolf love story? I would have... if the werewolf wasn't some whiny, emo teenager who writes & sings his own songs. Bleh, to me, there's nothing worse or unattractive than an overly sensitive man, lol. Since I read Shiver last summer, I decide to listen to Linger while making a long, boring drive for work last week. Because the book was read by multiple narrators, I found Sam's character's voice to be distractingly whiny. The story was a bit slow in the beginning but it picked up towards the end, stopping off at a bit of a cliffhanger (meaning I'll force myself to read the last book when it comes out, DEFINITELY NOT listening to it again). The story line reminded me a bit of the Twilight series which I enjoyed for what it is but I think the genre is being overused when it comes to YA fiction. I have a feeling nothing will top my YA fiction obsession with The Hunger Games series...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Our Save the Dates

I really went back & forth between the decision to send out "save the dates" for our wedding. There are SO many adorable & stylish options that it can be overwhelming. Since we had an engagement session with our photographer, Nadya & our good friend Ruth had also taken some great pictures of us, it seemed like a way to use the photos. After looking all over blogs, wedding magazines, & Etsy, I finally narrowed it down to a magnet or a postcard. Luckily, I had received an email from Vistaprint (omg, obsessseedddd) featuring 10 free postcard-sized magnets. SWEET!

I scoured Etsy & Wedding Paper Divas for some inspiration, fiddled around with Powerpoint & came up with these:
I made two orders of the 10 free magnets on Vistaprint with the slowest shipping & ended up paying a little less than $8 for our save the dates. Not bad, if I do say so myself ;)