Friday, March 4, 2011

Experience Rave: Bra Fitting at Nordstrom

After watching a Rachael Ray episode focusing on bras & Bethenny Frankel getting fitted on "Bethenny Ever After", I decided maybe it was time to get measured by someone who knows what they're doing (and by that I mean, not at VS). Clinton Kelly from "What Not to Wear" mentioned that 8 out 10 women do not wear the correct bra size and it turns out, I was one of them.

I read a couple of blog & forums posts about how great the ladies in the Lingerie department at Nordstrom are, so I stopped in last night for a fitting. LIFE CHANGING.

Stacy, the certified bra fitter (no really, that's her title, she gave me her card) at Menlo Park's Nordstrom, took me into a fitting room, told me to put my arms straight out, quickly measured around my ribcage & hurried out to get me a "starter" bra. The second I put the it on, I blurted: "Wow, so this is what my boobs should look like!" I was wearing bras that are 2 cup sizes too small & 1 band size too big. Stacy showed me the light... & made me want to come home & burn my wrong sized bras.

If you have not been fitted by a "certified bra fitter", DO IT! Your tatas will thank you. ;)


  1. i always end up going to VS, because of their coupons, but i always have to try on bra after bra because their sizes are not consistent.

  2. hello there! i just came across your blog and had to tell you i love your style... and love your header on your blog too :)

  3. AnonymousJuly 19, 2012

    Renata i have bad news, Last Wednesday July 11th, Stacey was let go from Nordstrom. The excuse was "low productivity" however i think it's the economy if in my opinion. She spent 7 years there helping all kinds of shapes and sizes. She wanted me to thank you for your kind words in your blog, and all those wonderful customers for the last 7 wonderful year.