Thursday, March 10, 2011

Company Rave: Zappos is AWESOME!

I have been on a hunt for some gorgeous navy blue wedding shoes since we got engaged. Unfortunately, purchasing these fabulous Christian Louboutin pumps is out of the question:
No Prive Riche - $2,875 @ Barney's

I had to settle for finding a more affordable option & chose to order these Nina's from Zappos.
Nina Elke in True Blue Luster Satin - $89 @ Zappos

Although they were available on different websites, I chose Zappos because of their free two-way shipping, just in case I hated the way they looked in real life & on my feet. I was SO excited when I saw the box at my front door today but was very sad when the size 6 was a smidge tight. Normally, I would suck it up & wear them anyway because they are very pretty but I don't think that's such a bright idea for my wedding day. I decided to call Zappos & to see if I could exchange them for a 6.5 without having to shell out another $89 while I wait for them to credit me for the return. Well, I was able to exchange, and not only was the man I spoke to ridiculously nice, but he saw that there was only 1 pair of 6.5's left so he put a rush on them for FREE! Then he upgraded me to a Zappos VIP so I get FREE overnight shipping every time I shop. AMAZING! 

Oh, if you ever call them, you can press 5 to hear the joke of the day if you're feeling a little glum. As if free two-way shipping wasn't enough. I love you, Zappos.

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