Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Brunch - 30for30 #7

I had the hardest time getting dressed this morning. I didn't feel like I picked enough pieces for casual days like our usual Sunday brunch with my parents. Almost every Sunday we drive to Montclair to an awesome spot called Raymond's. They have delicious pancakes & eggs benedict. I asked my mom to take my picture today & she thought a shot in front of their bar would be nice. Neither one of us realized it was out of focus & that I look like I'm about to say something. I would take another one but I'm already in pjs (yes, I know it's only 4:15pm...)

Top: Loft, Jeans: F21, Boots: Target, Belt: NY & Co., Earrings: NY &Co.

Doesn't my cappuccino look amazing? It was :)

Here's my mom & Sergio:

And me & my dad:

Sergio DEFINITELY never lets me go hungry because I become evil:

Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. love that top! such gorgeous colors!

  2. Amo tanto vcs! saudades de tomar cafezinho nesse lugar!