Monday, February 7, 2011

All Suited Up - 30for30 #8

I had a sales presentation this afternoon so I had to put on my navy suit for the first time during this remix. I am sure it won't be the last since selling season just started...

Blazer: Ann Taylor, Pants: Gap, Blouse: Loft, Shoes: UrbanOg

I really like the asymmetrical cut of the blouse and think it'll look cute paired with some jeans. I might have to switch a pair of shoes in my remix. As I started walking across our front lawn this afternoon, I didn't realize how muddy everything was (it was 42 degrees today, whoot!) and I COMPLETELY sunk in. My little black booties were covered in mud! I had to rinse them off & I still don't know if they are permanently ruined :( 


  1. Just a fresh look for a Monday- i love your hair like that that!

  2. Cute! The blouse is great. Hope you made your sale! :)

  3. How cute. Love the print shirt