Monday, January 18, 2010

I Have a Secret...

I've become obsessed with another blog... and it has nothing to do with crafting, organizing, fashion, or beauty...
It's a land I shouldn't venture into but can't help but get wrapped up in it.
It's a wedding blog! *gasp*

Green Wedding Shoes is an amazing blog with tons of inspirational pictures that can make anyone (yes, anyone, engaged, already married, no where near married or engaged) swoon. Check it out HERE. I guarantee you'll become just as obsessed!

Cupcake Birthday Card

Serg and I attended THREE birthday parties on Saturday & instead of hitting Target for some cards, I decided to be bold and use my Cricut.

Serg helped me pick out some paper from my DCVW Stack 6. I used my Doodlecharms cartridge to cut out a cupcake.
In order to get the top of my cupcake a different color, I hit the shift button to only have that part cut out on orange paper.

I've watched numerous YouTube videos in the past weeks because all those buttons can get confusing! I've found this woman to be very helpful with her Cricut Episodes.

Not too bad for a beginner Cricut Expression user... now if only I had more time to really use it!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Clock is Ticking...

I'm 26 years old and I have got a clock ticking. NO! It's not my "biological" clock... believe me, a snooze button is hit everytime I go to work or encounter an annoying child (oh wait, that's ALL of them). It's my PET OWNING clock! I have been dog-crazy lately.

I've been a dog owner for as long as I can remember being a person and I'm really missing having a furry companion at home. Whenever I go to visit my parents, Lola is so excited to see me and it melts my heart when she flips over and gives me her belly to scratch.

Lola is a great dog but she was our family dog and I didn't have any say in what breed we got. My dream dog is a French Bulldog. For years I have said that I will have both a male & female Frenchie named Jacques Cousteau and Fifi. They are seriously the cutest friggin' dogs I've ever seen!

Unfortunately, paying $3700 for a pure-bred French Bulldog puppy is not only ABSURD, but completely out of my budget. So I have turned to the next best thing... adopting a rescued Frenchie or a Frenchie mix. Here are the cuties I've found so far:

Serg said I have to wait until the summer so I will be home to help the dog adjust to being in our lives... But I secretly want to fill out an application now! *sigh* Do I really have to wait?

Crafting Area is HERE!!

After months of talking Serg's ear off (annoying?) about having a crafting area, we finally put it together! My Christmas gift was an awesome Cricut Expression and I couldn't wait to find a home for it. Well lucky me, my mom donated an IKEA table she had laying around, along with a scrapbooking paper organizer I had since I was in college. 

Serg and I went to Target and bought a small white storage piece that has two shelves and doors. It is perfect for all my stickers, accents, stamps, and other scrapbooking accessories that Serg can't seem to understand why I own.

I also bought a couple of plastic storage boxes with lids at Target... Last time I did this, I came home with 8 very large storage bins which are currently empty in my basement. (I swear, the basement is my next project!)

I am very happy with the almost-final product! I say almost-final because I know trips to JoAnns and Target are in my near future. Serg and I have also talked about making the opposite corner a reading area once we get the floors done.

So far I have used my corner and Cricut to create a housewarming card for a friend and I'm starting to outline a scrapbook of our travels.

 In the meantime, I think I could use A LOT more ribbon, lol... what do you think?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

My family isn't one to keep up with traditions but one we have followed since I could remember is writing down our New Year's resolutions as a family. The four of us get together, open the envelope marked "Ribeiro Family New Year's Resolutions - Open only together after December 31, 20...". We each take turns reading off what we had written and check off if we've followed through or not. Then we make a new list, seal it in the envelope, and put it away until the next year. This year my parents are hosting a ton of family until January 13, so our tradition has been put off for a little while. But I've been thinking about what I'll be adding onto my list for 2010. Here they are:

1. Be a calmer, happier, more relaxed person. (Maybe I should start by not making anymore lists? lol)
2. Go. To. The. Gym.
3. Be more daring & creative in the kitchen.
4. Start more DIY projects at home. (Ones that don't involve a drill preferably.)
5. Travel with Serg.
6. Take a "sisters" trip with Nat.
7. Stop sweating the little stuff so I can enjoy my job more.
8. Learn something new. I've been thinking about knitting, lol.
9. Read at least one book a month.
10. Continue enjoying this amazing journey with Serg... it's led us in wonderful directions so far.

I think I can handle this list... and hopefully when we open that envelope in 2011, my family will agree that I have kept my New Year's resolutions.