Saturday, August 22, 2009

She Wasn't Pretty...

I think the first time we saw our house I was so thrilled that it wasn't a dump that I didn't really pay attention to the kitchen. The day we closed and officially had the keys to "our" house, I noticed the kitchen. To say I didn't like it is putting it nicely. I'm pretty sure I turned to Serg and said "I can't live here with this kitchen".

After agonizing and wishing and praying and planning and contractors and plumbers and electricians and mothers who design and tons of mistakes and 398498549 trips to IKEA... Here she is:

Isn't she gorgeous?!

Let's try this again...

I started a blog in May and didn't really update it as much as I would've liked to... but since a HUGE new chapter of my life is about to begin, I figured I'd give it another try.

So here we go... Serg and I are moving in together. Actually we've technically moved in together since all of my kitchen appliances are currently residing in our Cape Cod as I type.

We're first time home owners and loving every second of it. Ok, maybe we're loving every other second of it b/c during the other half we're trying not to bug out.

I'm going to be teaching a new grade on September 3rd (first, not second) and I'm kinda nervous.

My mother always said she hates Septembers for me. Apparently I always have some serious life changes during the month. Well, I think this September is going to top them all. This could explain why my mom planned a trip to Brazil from the 4th to the 21st...

This is going to be interesting ;)